• Manufacturer Rossi International – Denmark
  • Safe vaccination opportunity for all fish from 5 gr to 200 gr.
  • Low mortality rate
  • Possibility of injection at any time and from the right point
  • Labor and labor saving
  • Possibility to vaccinate between 5,000 and 15,000 fish per hour
  • Adjustable injection depth
  • Counting vaccinated fish with 100% accuracy
  • Protecting the user from the injector
  • Constant dose control at all times
  • 3 models, 2-4 or 6 station options
  • Enjektör üzerinden özel pul alma sistemi
  • Vaccination stations are produced with a modular system.

All machines produced are produced in accordance with low voltage and EMC instructions. For this, all our machines have CE certificates.


We are pleased to present our pneumatic feeding machines to our customers. The pneumatic feeding machines we produce are portable and can be easily installed. It can also be disassembled for safe transport. It is also easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. Our pneumatic feeding machine is suitable for use on sheet metal, wood, Hdpe and polyester type boats. The feed tank of the feeding machine is made of 304-316 Chrome-Nickel material and is stainless steel. There are silo options between 250 kg and 10,000 kg. Our feeding machine has diesel engine or electric engine options. It also has a hydraulic and mechanical dosing system, it calculates the discarded feed with 100% accuracy. It can also be produced as assembled inside the boat in line with customer demands.

General features of the pneumatic feeding machine;

  • The feeder works with diesel engine or electric engine options.
  • Controllable amount of feed.
  • Possibility of feeding between 17-22 kg per minute.
  • Feeding capacity between 10 and 20 meters.
  • There is a dosing system compatible with the feed counter unit.
  • Minimum repair maintenance cost.
  • It is resistant to the harsh conditions of the sea.

Net Washing Machine

Our newly produced automatic net washing machine provides fast and ergonomic washing of nets used in cage farming. Our net washing machine has been put into the service of the aquaculture industry.

General features :

  • Each capacity machine has a clean water inlet and a waste water outlet.
  • Washing time is an average of 60 minutes.
  • Net washing machine has speed control unit.
  • It can be used with both fresh and salt water.
  • The movement of the drum is provided by the chain and wheel system and works with 380 Volts.
  • Washing water capacity is 7-8 tons.


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